Don't let just anyone diagnose or re-install an airbag in your vehicle. This should only be done by a professional body shop that knows your vehicle's safety and electrical systems. After your vehicle's outer structure and seat belt, the airbags in your vehicle are your primary safety system that prevents injury to you or your vehicle's other occupants.

In the event of an accident, once the bumper begins to compress and metal starts to bend as designed, the outer structure of your car transfers that energy to internal safety systems. These are split second relays of data and electrical signals throughout the vehicle's computer system that sense such things as driver/passenger position, weight, height, vehicle speed, orientation and the area of impact. Sensors under the outer skin of the vehicle then fire your airbags, tighten, then slowly release your seatbelt, then collapse the airbag, all in an effort to decrease bodily injury. We can straighten the metal and replace the airbag, we can't replace you. Choose a collision center that understands the importance of making repairs that are both cosmetically and mechanically sound. Choose Richmond Collision Center.